Pepperfry launched its meme based advertisements recently under the title- ‘MemeSuperstars’.

Campaign was executed across eight-plus cities and in more than 250+ media to drive talkability. It has enabled the brand to inform, attract & engage with its audience through the campaign. To generate maximum impact, it targeted locations such as arterial routes, corporate areas, market areas, and competition brand locations to reach out to the brand’s core target group.

It has already made Pepperfry a talk of the town but these trends are not new. Many brands take advantage of trendy memes and try to make the most of it. Ruffle Chips, an American brand took advantage of the most famous meme and placed its Ads across the world.

Virgin media too has done a similar campaign in the past using famous baby meme.

Atul Singh, Marketing Manager at AdMAVIN feels that such trends are healthy and makes OOH more relevant. You can buy a billboard in Times Square but if you don’t have content which can catch eyeballs, you will feel sorry for your investment. However such metrics can be subjective and change with respect to person, place and time.
Interestingly, AdMAVIN is working on methodology which can give an objective evaluation on creativity of advertisement.

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