It's very often that Brands and even Media-Agencies get confused while selecting out of home media sites for campaigns as they are very much similar.

So can brands make the right selection in media sites which targets their audience, boost marketing and contribute towards sales generation. Brands mostly have the following goals by doing billboard based advertising-

  • Pitching an advertisement to the proper target group.
  • Reaching out to the maximum number of target groups.
  • Covering Competitor Influence Region/Area.

Let’s say there is a series of two types of Unipole which satisfies all the three ask/goals of the campaign. So how should one finalize one of those media sites? What are the criteria for selection of media sites?

Media sites types are important as advertisement has to be visible to your target audience. You must have noticed a certain slant in elevation, tilt and particular size billboards. You may think that it's arbitrary but actually it's very well thought out and full of rationale.

So let’s see the factors that one has to consider while selecting media sites-

  • Media site elevation:

    - How well a media site is placed in the target group influence market area?

    • The 1st media site is placed between 14 feet.
    • The 2nd media site is placed between 8 feet.
  • Size of the media site:

    - What should be the size of the media site?

    • The 1st media site 2X5.
    • The 2nd media site 3X7.
  • Flow of the incoming traffic:

    - Which one should be selected? When both of them are placed alternatively in a series?

  • Dwell time spent by the incoming traffic:

    - Which of the following should be selected?

    • For 1st media dwell time is 6 sec as it is placed over 14 feet.
    • For 2nd media dwell time is 3 sec as it is placed over 8 feet.
  • Cluster of Media sites near your media sites:

    - What if both media sites are placed on the same unipole?

Gowri Shanker, Co-Founder of AdMAVIN expressed that “Gone are the days when media sites were chosen by agencies without looking at vital parameters. Today’s marketing managers of brands are much smarter and look for logic and rationality in selections. AdMAVIN has developed several campaign plans for famous brands like BMW, Snapdeal, HUL.”

AdMAVIN, a pioneer AdTech company has been able to develop a tech which can automate such selections for you by giving you complete visibility of metrics related to your media site.
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