Average time span for human attention is just 8 seconds. If your Out of Home (OOH) media is unable to engage consumers within this time frame, then your marketing idea is nothing but just a resource burning tool. Here are top emerging ideas in 2023 to save you from wasting your resources.

  • Product functionality based billboards-

    Expressing your product functionalities directly through billboard without cluttering with text and images is still a brilliant idea.

  • Curiosity feeder billboards-

    Even though Victoria’s Secret billboard objectifies women, you can’t question the curiosity it cultivated.

  • Information based billboards-

    If you can engage the audience through useful information along with marketing, there is nothing better than this.

  • 3-D Billboards-

    More attracting and impressive (by visualisation) billboards are very usefull for marketing.

  • Activity based billboards-

    Lifestyle has become sedentary and it's very important to keep yourself active for a healthy life. What if your marketing promotes it alongwith its core idea?

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