Tech Park Advertising

India has become a major outsourcing hub, with several international Tech companies such as Intel, Oracle, Cognizant, Dell etc. setting up offices in India. Apart from these, Indian companies such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS etc. have become synonymous with IT outsourcing and have multiple offices across different Indian cities.

The increasing number of international companies setting shop in India has resulted in the rise of Tech Parks (short for Technology Parks) here. Tech Parks usually consist of more than one building and cater to several tech companies at one go. Bangalore, often considered as the Indian Silicon Valley, has several well-known Tech Parks such as Embassy Golf Links (EGL), Manyata Tech Park, Bagmane Tech Park, RMZ Ecospace, Prestige Tech Park, Cessna Tech Park etc.

Due to the demographics of the employees working at these Tech Parks, they have become an attractive advertising avenue for many advertisers. Most of these Tech Parks have a common cafeteria for the employees, which also serves as the primary location for putting up of the advertisements. Below are some of the advantages of advertising at Tech Parks:

  • A very well balanced female-male ratio
  • 65% of the employees at Tech Parks belong to the Sec A and Sec A+ classifications
  • Population age distribution is not skewed, with all age groups having a good representation (with the 25-44 year age group comprising of 50% of the employees)
  • With 9+ active hours spent at office, Tech Parks provide an extended duration of visibility unlike traditional outdoor spaces
  • Discretionary spending of Tech Park employees is high (60%)

Added to the above benefits, the advertising options available at Tech Parks are cost-effective. The various types of advertising options available therein are listed below:

S. No. Advertising Options Details
1 Kiosk A small (usually 4 x 4 feet) display space, where the advertisers can set up a stall and directly reach out to potential customers. This is an excellent means for sampling of new products or to talk about the benefits of an upcoming launch
2 Standee A (2 x 6 feet) vinyl flex that can be placed at strategic locations inside or just outside the cafeteria for visibility
3 Wall Signage These are large posters (2 x 6 feet or bigger) that can be put up at specified locations inside the cafeteria for the advertising of a given product or service. These can be lit as well as non-lit and the available options would vary from one tech park to another
4 Lift Branding Some Tech Parks allow posters to be put up on the outside doors of lifts, which serve as a high-visibility advertising avenue