Radio Advertising

With the substantial increase in the number of smartphone and feature phones and the steady increase in the number of passenger vehicles on the road, the reach of Radio as an advertising medium is no longer restricted to just households. Radio has become a preferred choice for advertising as it allows advertisers to reach out to the entire audience within a city, in a highly targeted and cost-effective manner. This is clearly reflected in the sound growth seen in Radio advertising in 2015. Radio is being increasingly used as a reminder medium, especially by E-Commerce companies for tactical campaigns and by Automobile companies for promoting new launches.

Times FM (now Radio Mirchi) was the first private operator which began operations in Ahmedabad. Today, we have a slew of private radio channels including Radio Mirchi, Radio City, Big FM, Radio Indigo, Radio One, Fever FM, Red FM etc. While Radio advertising is now a 1,500-crore market, it still contributes only 3.5% of the total advertising spend in India. For someone who is not well versed with Radio advertising, FCT (or Fixed Commercial Time) might be the only advertising option they may know. FCT refers to the ads that are played in between songs (similar to the commercial breaks that we see on TV). However, there are many more advertising options available on Radio, which have been enlisted below:

S. No. Advertising Options Details
1 Fixed Commercial Time or Jingle Ads This is the most common form of advertising on the radio. The ads or radio jingles are played in between songs or before / after the RJ has spoken. This is the most cost-effective advertising option on the Radio, but might get lost in the clutter of other ads played along with it.
2 RJ Mention RJ Mentions are a very subtle form of advertisement wherein the RJ talks about the brand as a part of the show itself. This would usually go well with a particular theme or context (like an RJ mention about an ethnic wear brand on the occasion of World Ethnic Day)
3 Studio Shift As the name suggests, during Studio Shifts, the studio is shifted to the location of the advertiser, with the RJ conducting the show from some outside premises. This form of advertising can be used during inaugurations or launches, but is one of the most expensive forms of Radio advertising
4 Sponsorship Tag Brands can use this form of advertisement to sponsor a part of the Radio show. This can include song sponsorships, hour sponsorships or even show sponsorships. Some stations may also provide this for free as a part of a bigger advertising campaign
5 Time Check An advertiser can sponsor the time check during a radio show, where the RJ mentions the time as per the studio clock. This may be an appropriate advertising avenue for someone looking for long-term brand broadcasting
6 Contests RJs usually have different contests running during their show, wherein callers would be asked to call up on the studio number or message / WhatsApp their answers. The prizes for these contests can be sponsored by advertisers and this is a good avenue to make your brand stand out from the clutter
7 Roadblock Not quite literally a roadblock, this term is used to refer to a Radio advertising campaign wherein brands can choose to play only their ads for a given time duration. This is another option to help advertisers de-clutter their brand presence on the radio, but comes at a premium to regular FCT ads