Non-Traditional Advertising

The non conventional method of advertising is known as Non traditional advertising. It relies on new and unorthodox methods of marketing a product or brand. Most advertisers are opting for non-traditional marketing as it is more cost effective and works for those with a limited budget, and also because this kind of advertising tends to grab more eyes due to the unusual way it’s shown to the customers. The main objective of non traditional advertising is to create an advertising experience which is striking and captures the attention and interest of the customer through creativity and unpredictability. It more or less involves putting up ads in unusual places or displaying it ways that commands attention of unassuming consumers.​ Since non-traditional marketing stands out from other mediums of advertising, it is considered to be more organic, authentic and relevant. Non traditional advertising encompasses a variety of methods, ideas and efforts of getting one’s message seen. It is more flexible, subjective than traditional marketing methods and depends on how well it’s executed and planned. It tends to be cheaper and relies on free advertising as much as possible. This includes advertising as Newspaper Inserts, Pamphlet Distribution, Apartments, Gyms, Tech Parks, Restaurants etc.

Apartment Advertising

Non traditional advertising is designed to cut through the clutter of traditional advertising to grab the attention of customers’. It solely relies on creativity and innovation to get the message heard, Also it catches the customers off guard with ads that can’t be ignored. Apartment advertising is one such kind of non conventional advertising and it captures the customer’s attention. Apartment advertising is effective and is the ideal choice if one wants to advertise their products to families. However, it is not effective if it is directed at young adults as they hardly reside in residential areas. The various ways one can advertise in apartments are through banners, posters, kiosks, letter box insertion etc.

Gym Advertising

Every avenue for advertising can be effectively used if the space is utilized in a smart way. It is a kind of non conventional advertising. Non conventional advertising requires efforts and various methods of getting your message seen. It works well for companies with a limited budget and it is useful for a very targeted audience. Gym advertising targets local consumers. By advertising at gyms you choose to target a specific group in a highly targeted and cost effective way. The various options are listed below.

Newspaper Insert

It is an inexpensive way of advertising to new customers and communicating with your existing ones is through distribution of pamphlets and flyers. A promotional leaflet is inserted in select newspapers, at a local level. Newspaper inserts are localized as advertisers can choose a locality and based on that can insert the leaflet before the distribution of the newspaper. It helps small sized advertisers to focus their marketing efforts to specific localities rather than taking large media space, avoiding wastage. It is one of the most effective methods of direct marketing. At a certain cost advertisers can place ads in their choice of newspapers like Times of India, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Economic Times etc. A maximum of 40 areas can be targeted in a day and the insertions need to be shared 2 days in advance. The cost is as low as 30p per leaflet.

Restaurant Advertising

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Tech Park

Non traditional advertising is gaining momentum and is something that all marketers are looking forward to. It is a figment of our creativity and innovation and solely relies on the ideas generated by us. Tech park advertising targets local consumers. The audience an advertiser can reach out to through an IT Park are mostly within the age Group of 25 - 30 years. There are also audiences from 31 – 45 years. The employees working in these Tech Parks are largely male and the annual income of the office employees fall between 5 to 10 lakhs. IT Parks mainly comprises of professionals working within the offices, and other visitors like business men and expats. By advertising at Tech parks you choose to target a specific group in a highly targeted and cost effective way. For example, you want to advertise the opening of a new gym in the area, then the ideal place for advertising would be at Tech parks as the crowd is very sensitive towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.