Measurement of Advertisement Visibility Index


We're living in an increasingly digital world, which has been made possible since the advent of the internet at the turn of the 21st century. This has brought about a new data revolution, enabling access to millions of terabytes of data at our fingertips.

This vast amount of data can facilitate us in making important strategic or personal decisions. For example, a doctor can use the data about a patient’s medical history to make predictive diagnosis about ailments that s/he may suffer from in the future. Companies can use data to determine whether the ROI on any new investment is meaningful for them to consider or not. Similarly, with companies spending billions of dollars in terms of advertising money, it becomes imperative to find out if that extra dollar spent on advertising your product or service is worthwhile or not.

And this is where AdMAVIN steps in. MAVIN® or Measurement of Advertisement Visibility Index is a propriety quotient developed by our engineering team to help you visualize the viewership potential of any advertising space. As inputs, we use data collected directly from our sellers, first hand data collected directly by AdMAVIN as well as information from third party APIs and research publications. These are combined to get the total viewership potential of the given ad space as well as the actual viewership potential based on various physical attributes of the advertising space.

With MAVIN®, we help you make data-driven purchase decisions, so that you get the very best media spaces for your products and services, thereby maximizing the ROI on each dollar spent!


The biggest advantage of any marketplace model is the vast selection that it can offer its customers while simultaneously giving access to a large number of customers for the sellers on the platform. This, in turn, leads to a virtuous cycle, wherein more customers attract more sellers and more sellers on the platform leads to an even bigger selection, attracting newer customers...

Our aim, therefore, is to become a one-stop shop for all your advertising needs. At AdMAVIN, we are endeavouring to build the largest repository of both traditional as well as non-traditional advertising spaces for you to choose from. This would include (but may not be limited to) Out of Home (including Billboards, Gantry, Pole Kiosks, FOBs...), Print (including Newspapers, Magazines, Inserts, Pamphlets...), Radio (across all major AM & FM channels), Television (Entertainment, News, Sports, Movie Channels...) on the traditional side as well as non-traditional outlets such as Airports, Apartment buildings, Shopping Malls, Transit Vehicles such as Autos, Buses, Metro trains...

Adding to this, each listing will be further enhanced with a layer of demographical insights. For example, a mall listing would include details such as nearby residential areas, average footfall during weekdays & weekends, whether the mall includes a cinema hall or not...These insights will not only give you additional data about the advertisement space, but also help you in deciding which location or media type would be best suited for your product/service.


At AdMAVIN, we are simplifying the way in which you buy your media spaces...bringing you the convenience of online shopping along with the trust and assurance of purchasing products in-person

So, how does it work? It’s as easy as purchasing products on leading e- commerce platforms such as Amazon & Flipkart. You start off by registering on AdMAVIN and creating an account. Next up, you login to your account to view and select your preferred advertising space from our comprehensive listings encompassing multiple media formats. You can filter out listings based on your exact requirements in terms of prices, visibility, availability duration etc. Once you’ve shortlisted your ideal ad spaces, all you need to do is select the duration for which you want to purchase the same add them to Your Cart on the website with the click of a button!

Once added to the Cart, you will be able to see the total estimates of all the spaces, including additional taxes (if any) that you may need to pay. And to top it all off, we accept online payments – which means that all you need to do is select your preferred mode of payment and pay online through our trusted payment gateway partners. Once done, we’ll send you a confirmation of your booking. All you need to do at this point is to upload your creatives - the actual advertisement content that needs to go on your selected ad space. And leave the rest to us...With our AdMAVIN Guarantee, you can be assured of 100% peace of mind!

AdMAVIN Guarantee

As an advertiser, what are you most worried about? Yes, you are definitely worried about whether your ad dollars are being spent right or not. But once you’ve spent your money, you would want to make sure that your ad is up on time, in the selected advertising space and is put up for the exact time duration for which you had paid.

With our AdMAVIN Guarantee, you don’t need to worry about the latter part anymore, leaving you to focus on what is of utmost importance to you! If you buy any advertising space through AdMAVIN, we take up your headache of ensuring that your media campaigns are executed to the T. We promise hassle free services, by following up with the media owners at every step of the process to ensure that everything is going right and is on time! You can also track the status of each order through your AdMAVIN account, wherein you get a step-by-step update on your order status, from the Media Owner accepting your order, to scheduling and finally execution.

But what if, in the end, it turns out to be a faux-pas? Well, then your money back! If in case we are unable to fulfil your order within the promised time duration, we guarantee 100% money back*! Therefore, you don’t need to worry about upfront payments and media owners going back on their promises coz we’ve got your covered...