Imagine you're driving down a highway, and in the distance, you notice two billboards, mounted one above the other. Can you tell us which of the two is a more effective advertising space? While the billboard on top can be seen from a greater distance, the one below is closer to your eye level and hence cannot be missed.

Let's ask you another question - If you are required to choose between a billboard on M.G. Road and one in Indiranagar (both of which are influential commercial hubs in Bangalore) for advertising about the iPhone 8, which one would you choose and why? Do you have the requisite data to compare the audience demographics and thereby gauge which is a more suitable market?

These, and some other similar questions, led to the idea of MAVIN Labs.

At MAVIN Labs, we are trying to leverage power of data-driven decision making to usher in a new revolution in the Media & Advertising industry.

We are currently focused only on the Out of Home industry. In order to tackle the above-mentioned challenges and come back with actionable insights for your Outdoor media plans, we have divided the problem into 3 parts:

  1. We have an on-the- ground data collection and surveying team, which goes to each billboard and captures essential parameters of the outdoor advertising space such as height, width, elevation, etc. Using these parameters as inputs, along with public APIs for Google Traffic & Open Street Maps, we help quantify the approximate reach for each outdoor ad space. Along with this, we also provide a Likelihood to See rating for these outdoor spaces based on their physical characteristics. These two indices can help advertisers undertake a like-to- like comparison between different outdoor ad spaces and shortlist the best from the rest
  2. We have built a comprehensive data repository of demographic information, which includes details such as population density, per sq. ft. realty prices, affluence index (based on restaurant prices) as well as key points of interest (banks, departmental stores etc.), for any geo location. This data, when superimposed onto the list of outdoor ad spaces which we have, helps in assimilating the type of people who will get to see a given ad space. Based on these demographic insights, you can find out which places are better suited for reaching out to which type of audience (and thereby figure out whether to advertise on M.G. Road or Indiranagar)!
  3. We have collated data for close to 12,000 outdoor campaigns that have been done across India since the beginning of 2016. This data has been categorized as per brands, companies and sectors. With this data, we are not only helping you understand the Share of Voice for different brands across different geographies, but are also using helping brands identify the key locations / hotspots where other brands in your category have advertised in the past.

These 3 data channels serve as the backbone for our AI based Media Planner for Outdoor advertising. Based on the product category, the reason for advertising (new product launch, product promotions etc.) and your product's TG, our media planning tool helps you to zero- in on the most optimal outdoor campaign, aiming to maximize the product outreach while ensuring that your media budgets remain as minimal as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about MAVIN Labs and our services, feel free to request a demo or reach out to us directly at