About Us

We are AdMAVIN, an e-commerce start-up who have decided to go where few other start-ups have gone before, and have delved into the realm of Media & Advertising. We are building (or at least trying our best to build) an online marketplace for buying and selling of advertising spaces so as to ensure a hassle-free experience for both Advertisers as well as Media Owners. In short, we're an Amazon for Ad spaces!

The Indian Advertising industry is estimated to grow at a whopping 16.8 percent y-o-y to INR 51,365 crore in 2016. However, despite these phenomenal growth, one thing which is sorely missing in the Advertising industry is data. Data regarding the Best News Channel to Advertise in terms of ROI. Or Data on the Viewership potential for a Billboard located on M.G. Road in Bangalore. And we’re here to bridge this gap. We’re here to help Advertisers make data-driven decisions in terms of purchasing advertising spaces and also help media owners discover the true potential of their advertising spaces.

Our aim, at AdMAVIN, is to develop an 'advertising visibility index' for every potential advertising space, across all formats including OOH, Print, Radio, Television and Non-traditional and combine the same with the convenience of an Online Marketplace (View, Select, Pay & Get it fulfilled whilst sitting at your home/office).

AdMAVIN has been founded by alumnus from IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad, with a total of 10 years of experience across the e-commerce, engineering & IT industries. Our endeavour is to leverage the marketplace model in an increasingly digital world to try and change an industry that is still lagging behind in terms of adopting these changes...